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The Switch #1: Yara Di Criscio (Venezuela) and MESMO (Brazil)

Yara Di Crisco is a cosmic artist from Valencia (Venezuela) who trades her space (and therefore her public) with MESMO from Campinas (Brazil).


After an artist has created and left an urban intervention in the public space, he/she is unaware of the people passing it by. In addition, most passers-by don't expect to encounter and interact with this work of art. That’s why we like to speak of the accidental public of urban interventions.

Both this accidental public and the interventions tend to have a strong connection with the space they are in. For example in the suburbs of many large cities there is a lot of street-art with powerful messages that reflect local life. However, these interventions seem to mainly interact with an accidental public that is already familiar with its message because they live in that same space.

With The Switch we aim at spreading these, and other types of powerful, space-bound messages over their natural borders. Imagine for example these suburban artworks popping up in the city center of London instead. Or in a remote city in France. Or what if an intervention that was designed to be made in São Paulo would pop up in Amsterdam, Singapore, or Johannesburg? What kind of interactions would emerge? And would this art increase bystanders’ consciousness about the messages that they convey? What happens when you reach an other accidental public? That's what The Switch is about!